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CTi Mach 1 Fund

Australia's first and most experienced alternative passion asset car fund dedicated to investing in exceptional vehicles for financial returns.


Fund Highlights

CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund, our flagship fund, is the main investment vehicle we offer at this time. The Fund exists because there is an opportunity to secure last of the line vehicles – which represent everything the future isn’t – today, before the market realises how scarce & desirable they’re destined to become.

By taking a professional approach and leveraging data, we believe the Fund can achieve better returns while making automotive investments accessible to a larger audience. Since launching in May 2021, the Fund has delivered investors +29% net returns, representing 13% net CAGR*

The Fund is open and accepting investment from wholesale investors. Being Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) compliant, the Fund can accept investment from SMSFs as long as the trustee qualifies as a wholesale investor.

With ambitions to grow to $100M, one advantage is that today we are a small and agile Fund. Early investors have the best opportunity to capitalise on the strongest returns.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

NOTE: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. * Percentage increase in Fund unit pricing, net of fees, expenses, and performance fees, since launch. **Market data through 30 June 2023 from Wall Street Journal (ASX/S&P 200, S&P 500, FTSE100), and World Gold Council. Fund unit prices rebased net of fees, expenses, and performance fees.

Why Invest In A Fund?

Amassing a private collection of vehicles, whether for personal interest, the returns profile or both, has typically been for the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individual because of the significant investment, commitment and associated carrying costs it requires.

These include research to buy a legitimate car with pedigree (or a big risk appetite if not researched), connections to the private collectors that buy and sell these vehicles, enough capital to diversify within the asset class and insure the vehicles, infrastructure to store the vehicles (or capital to pay for storage), the expertise to maintain and preserve the vehicles (or capital to pay for the care) and the time to assess the best opportunity to buy or sell.

Even those who look to invest in vehicles by setting up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), are often frustrated to find that it is impossible to meet the SMSF rules without professional care, oversight and their related costs.

These extensive requirements for owning your own personal collection, whether outright or through a SMSF, would largely appeal only to the most avid of automotive enthusiasts and the UHNW.

But with the returns profile that classic cars have exhibited over the past 10-years (+185% according to the Historic Automobile Group International Top Index) and since May 2021 (+29% returns* by the Mach 1 Fund), the financial merits of vehicle investment is attractive to more than just car enthusiasts and UHNW individuals.

The Fund makes the asset class significantly more accessible to wholesale investors by providing the expertise, professionalism, independence, maintenance, care, handling, storage, research (and more) required to invest in a collection of vehicles with the benefit of scaled cost infrastructure and SMSF compliance.

Why Invest With CTi?

We are Australia's first and most experienced dedicated automotive investment fund. By investing with CTi you benefit from amassing a vehicle collection built upon the collective knowledge and network of our dedicated automotive and financial experts.


The Fund's dedicated acquisition team has extensive (domestic and international) vehicle access to identify, procure and divest vehicles that maximise the opportunities for fund performance. We believe the Fund's +29% returns* since May 2021 is a testament to our success.


Continuous (we'd say relentless) portofolio optimisation initiatives to maximise the Fund's returns. Scouring proprietary and industry leading sources and private networks we stay ahead of demand & pricing trends, leveraging real-time, data led analysis of global pricing, and frequent, independent valuations to provide visibility, transparency and validation.


In simple terms, we believe that the Fund can generate stronger returns than personal collections, because we take a professional and unemotional approach to buying, holding and selling cars.


Our automotive experts are supported by our dedicated analysts, bringing together descriptive and prescriptive analysis to identify buy, sell and hold strategies.


Reward and risk are managed through thorough analysis, sound investment strategy and rigorous governance. We prescribe to a meticulous vetting process across verification, scarcity, provenance and feature facets to drive certainty around future demand and value.


Vehicles are stored in fully insured facilities, to protect the Fund’s assets and investments. A team of automotive professionals ensure the Fund’s investments are properly cared for, maintained and protected to maximise value and preserve provenance.


A talented and passionate crew with far-reaching connections underpin CTi’s execution, acquisition and divestment. Our experienced professionals have 60+ years experience in the automotive space and 60+ years of financial and portfolio management expertise.


Led by an unemotional approach, Fund vehicles are always in a "for sale" state, which when combined with our conscious allocation of FUM in "pre-market" vehicles, provides the Fund short-term yields and liquidity.

Immerse Yourself In The Culture

CTi’s motto is “Results Before Romance” but we admit that with a Fund like this, it is also about nurturing one’s passion while growing one’s wealth. For this reason, investors will also have opportunities to immerse themselves in the automotive culture.

  • “Money can’t buy” private track events at an exclusive privately-owned track
  • Investors-only collection viewing events to ogle, admire and learn whilst in the company of fellow enthusiasts and industry experts
  • Exclusive octane fuelled events where professional drivers highlight Fund vehicle features and performance
  • Meet professional drivers and the collection’s manufacturers
  • Ride along with professional drivers for an authentic track experience
  • Free vehicle storage at a CHROME TEMPLE Storage facility, limits apply
  • Aspects of the automotive butler service and management benefits bestowed on Fund vehicles extended to investors to actively lighten the burden of ownership of personal collections
  • Discounted fees across CHROME TEMPLE Storage services

(Sorry, investors are prohibited from driving vehicles owned by the Fund)

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