About Us

About Us

CHROME TEMPLE is an ecosystem of automotive excellence uniting passion, culture and wealth creation. We have built a business collective that relieves the burdens of owning, maintaining, sourcing and selling vehicles of distinction, with the aim of building real investment value within a like minded enthusiast community.


CHROME TEMPLE Investments (CTi) offers the opportunity to nurture your passion while growing your wealth. Focusing on a long-term uncorrelated return through investments in “last of the line” vehicles, the Mach 1 Fund is an alternative investment fund that allows you to diversify your portfolio with an anti-cyclical asset that has low volatility. And whilst CTi operates with a “Results Before Romance” mentality, like with other luxury art collectibles, you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture with exclusive octane fuelled and car collection viewing events.

With classic cars outperforming stock markets in the last decade, generating 185% returns (as per Historic Automobile Group International Top Index), founder Lex Pedersen conceived and brought to market the Mach 1 Fund. Proudly, the Mach 1 Fund has delivered +14% net CAGR since launching in 2021. Lex alongside a veritable who's-who of domestic expert board members, and a network of dedicated automotive and financial professionals, deliver investors a vehicle collection built upon the collective knowledge of experts.

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CHROME TEMPLE Storage + Transport (CTs) stewards some of Australia’s most revered classic cars. We know time is precious and there’s nothing worse than missing the opportunity to hit the road due to a flat tyre, dead battery or lapsed registration. That’s why vehicles are kept in a ‘ready to roll’ state, for whenever whim and calendar allow it.

Your 24/7 Butler gives you access to your vehicle without restriction. Enjoy your vehicle on your schedule, not beholden to any business hours. And with our transportation fleet including Australia’s best enclosed low loading (near flat) trailers and Mercedes-X Class tow vehicles, you can enjoy it any time, anywhere. From premium vehicle transport, safe storage to timely maintenance, we bring the Automotive Butler approach to you.

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CHROME TEMPLE Motors (CTm) helps clients to source and sell Vehicles of Distinction with Effortless Managed Sales. Combining world-class automotive content, an investor and collector network, industry leading holistic customer experience and smart go-to-market strategies. Combined with industry firsts, such as CURATED and SAFE SETTLEMENT, for greater safety, value and ease. CHROME TEMPLE Motors is born out of a desire for a ‘better way’.

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Exceptional service at unsurpassed levels, each and every time.


Respecting our clients' privacy is not just an adage, it's a steadfast, guiding principle.


Passion embodies our profession, we are obsessed with cars and automotive experiences.


Automotive professionals with specialised capabilities provide unparalleled service.


Mastery in the management of vehicle care. Our vehicle preservation practices aren’t just the rules, they are a point of difference.


Protecting vehicles through meticulous processes, diligent practices, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Lex PedersenCTi Portfolio Manager & co-founder

CHROME TEMPLE is the culmination of Lex’s lifelong ambition to couple automotive passion, culture, and capital growth. Lex is the dedicated Portfolio Manager of CHROME TEMPLE Investments and provides executive and corporate strategy for the group.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Lex has founded and grown several start-ups and was a pioneer of Australian ecommerce having co-founded, globalised and listed SurfStitch. With a diversified background in corporate strategy, retail, and digital strategy, Lex specialises in strategy development, corporate vision, and identifying disruptive technologies and business opportunities. But, fuelled by an avid passion for all things loud and fast, the automotive expertise Lex accumulated as a rev head and enthusiast merged with his professional ambitions when he launched CHROME TEMPLE.

Sam FullerCo-founder

Involved in prestige car sales since 2003, Sam has a reputation for having encyclopaedic knowledge across all years, makes and models of cars. His automotive knowledge and attention to detail are as invaluable to the group as his extensive network of contacts.

In addition to supporting CHROME TEMPLE's broad range of services, Sam serves as a special acquisition advisor to CHROME TEMPLE Investments.

Sam brings a lifetime commitment to all things automotive as well as a pedigreed automotive industry resume. Prior to founding CHROME TEMPLE with Lex in 2019, Sam was an AMG Brand Manager for Mercedes Benz.